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Jan. 19th, 2017 07:37 pm
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Look! It's an IC inbox! I SURRENDER! I'VE MADE ONE!

...contact Roy here!
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Player: Dragon
Contact: [plurk.com profile] dragonoflife
Age: 33 stop aaasking
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Roy Greenhilt
Age: Mid-20s. Canon isn't specific on the age, but he's been out of school for some time and on an adventure for a while.
Canon: The Order of the Stick.
Canon Point: Strip 946.

Background: Wiki!


Roy is a defiance of the stereotypical 'dumb fighter' trope. Though he IS a good fighter, he's intelligent and capable of far more than just beating things down. Formally educated, he's made a point of pursuing a wide range of knowledge (such as having studied architecture and engineering, of all things!)

Raised on stories of his grandfather's adventures and skill with the weapon his family is named after, Roy dreamed from a young age of becoming a fighter -- to the point that it drove a serious wedge between him and his father, who as a wizard disdained the martial arts as vastly inferior to spellcraft.

For a long time, Roy was driven by the need to show up his father's assertions of magical superiority, and prove that a 'fighter-jock' could defeat a threat that his father had failed to. His sole motivation in founding the Order of the Stick was to defeat the lich Xykon specifically because his father said he couldn't. Time, experience, and the help of his party -- as well as his own death at Xykon's hands -- mean Roy has grown beyond that since the start of his journey, and now seeks to defeat the world-threatening nemesis BECAUSE it is a world-threatening nemesis and not to spit in his dad's face. And even now that he's not sure what they're doing any more, Roy still knows that stopping Xykon is the right thing to do.

Though Lawful Good in D&D terms, Roy inevitably puts being Good above being Lawful. He's gone so far as to work behind the backs of an entire order of paladins for the greater good, and routinely associates with chaotic members of his own party. But he continues to try, as is pointed out by no less than a celestial in charge of adjudicating such things, and strives to live up to the ideals of his chosen alignment, which is the important thing. (Of course, in terms of Evil, Roy doesn't even merit the slightest blip on the scale.) This is advice he has taken to heart, and which he shares with others when they need it.

Although initially Roy was inches from abandoning his entire adventuring group and going home simply because of their sheer dysfunction, his experiences with them -- as well as his own mistakes, recognized in hindsight -- have taught him patience with them. Though he still maintains a realistic outlook on the flaws of those he adventures with, he is extremely loyal to them; he's basically the Team Dad.

On the downside, Roy tends to be a bit of a jackass. He's quick with a disparaging or snappy comment, or a downright tirade, when something has angered, offended, or just annoyed him. Even his friends -- especially his friends -- aren't immune to this. Compounding this is the fact that he can be irritated, annoyed, or just pained fairly easily, and can be sharp-tongued when it isn't justified. He also has an overtly Freudian connection to his family greatsword, and frequently assumes he knows much more about a situation than he actually does, to his detriment.

He also makes frequent references to D&D setting mechanics, and is perfectly aware of them.

Abilities: Roy explicitly has no magical or supernatural powers; he's a straight fighter. Everything he can do has come from study, training, and experience. In D&D terms, he's probably around level 14 or 15. Basically, he's good with weapons -- specialized in the greatsword, but he can proficiently use most weapons unless they're particularly rare or unusual.

Of course, as Belkar puts it, he's as strong as a giant and can survive being impaled by a triceratops. And both of these are entirely literal. To the point that he can decapitate a raptor and its rider with one sweep of his sword.

Other: Roy possesses a Belt of Giant Strength, along with his extremely magical greatsword. And fairly normal armor.


First Person Sample:

The ultimate team up of ultimate destiny.

Third Person Sample:

Trying to herd cats.


Aug. 17th, 2013 12:22 am
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I haven't studied Roy as long as he studied at Fighter U, so how am I doing?

(Actually, this is not true. OOTS has been out for a pretty long time...)
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If you wish to communicate with Roy, this is the place!

[More info coming.]


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